Pocono Mountains Magic Club

Stroudsburg Pa.  

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The PMMC meet twice each month at different locations. 

The first Monday of each month the PMMC meet at the Hughes Library (1002 N. 9th St. (Rt 611) Stroudsburg PA).

This is a monthly workshop meeting.


We meet in the Boardroom in the back on the first floor, or the meeting room, upstairs on the 2nd floor.  6:30 PM Start time.



   We meet at the Art Space Gallery (18 N. 7th St. Stroudsburg PA.) on the third Friday each month at 7PM.

   This is our main business/magic meeting.  We discuss any upcoming events, and club related issues, then break, then perform some magic.

   We welcome all visitors to come to a few meetings to decide if they would like to join us full time!

18 N. 7th St. Stroudsburg PA. 18360